Why print on HP Indigo

Why print on HP Indigo Digital Press?

Once a client asked me, “Why should I print on your HP Indigo Press not on a Color Copier, they are just as fast plus the pricing is cheaper?”. My answer was, “If you are happy with a cup of coffee from a Food Truck, you should not buy coffee from Starbucks”

  • High Quality

Unlike most Digital Printing, the quality produced by our HP Indigo press is almost indistinguishable from traditional toner-based products mostly used by Xerox, Canon, Nexpress to name a few.

  • The flexibility of Short Run

Literature can be updated regularly. In a fast-moving, constantly changing the world our digital printing allows you to produce shorter runs as you need them.

  • Economy

With no setup costs, unlike traditional offset printing, businesses can print small quantities of Books, Annual Reports and Manuals more cost-effectively on demand.

  • Green and Eco-Friendly

The on-demand nature of digital printing allow efficient technologies used on our Indigo press. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly printing than offset or litho printing.

Every copy can be customized to include unique content, such as the customer’s name, unique discount codes and even images. Personalized marketing has been shown to improve the response rate because people are more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them.