At Digital City Printing we offer Spot UV printing. It is used to highlight designated areas of the printed piece. It is effective in drawing a viewers attention to certain elements such as your logo, tagline, hardback book title, contact info or special promotions. Available in dull, satin and gloss finishes. Generates interest in your products and services.

Because of its eye getting appearance and flexible applications, spot UV is a standout among the most prevalent printing methods accessible. While it might sound modern, “Spot UV” is a moderately basic generation technique. The “UV” segment of spot UV originates from the bright light that is utilized to right away cure the shiny varnish you see sparkling in spot UV printing. UV coatings are naturally benevolent as they are free of solvents and don’t emanate unpredictable natural mixes, or VOCs when cured. The staggeringly quick speed at which the UV varnish can dry is precisely how PFL can get such stunning point of interest in spot UV outlines like the one you see above. While all UV coatings secure the paper they cover, spot UV is chiefly utilized for its beautifying impact as light gets the halfway covered part of the paper on a piece – instead of a sweeping defensive arrangement.

Uses of Spot UV

Most common use of spot UV printing is on Luxury Business Card Printing. It gives your business cards a Unique Looks. It can also be used on Book Cover or Postcard Printing.

Spot UV

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