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  • If your printed item is a book please specify open and closed size of the book.
  • Please be sure to specify if the sheet prints Color or Black and white. on ONE SIDE or BOTH SIDES, how many number of pages are in color and black and white if its a book, Make a special note if you want PMS Color, metallic inks, foil stamping, Embossing or any other specialty inks.
  • If Its a book or bound materials please specify the number of pages or sides on the book, note that each side of a sheet count as a page. as an example a 20 sheet of book has 40 pages.
  • May Not be available for Short Run Digital Printing. This is strictly an option. It gets applied to the paper after the ink is printed. You can choose from varnish or aqueous with gloss for dull nishes.WWe can also provide U.V. coating or lamination.
  • (We will gure our standard delivery time.) If you know specifically when you need your job delivered, please give us as much information as possible.
  • Customize your request by providing us with any specic details, including multiple request for types of paper, quantities, ink congurations, etc
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