Foil-Stamp printing

Add shimmer and create a glamorous effect with our foil stamping capabilities. A heated die is stamped into a foil allowing it to adhere to the stock’s surface.

Pantone inks are transparent in nature and will have the tendency to disappear over paper with darker surfaces. When a foil stamp is opaque, it has the ability to make white lettering over black paper visible. This treatment is an effective strategy in making your logo and design details outstanding. Foil available in a bronze, red, blue, orange, green, purple etc. This also includes multi-color, half tones & gradients. These foils are very durable.


Hot foil printing also known as foil stamping or hot foil blocking is a dry printing process in which an image is transferred to the surface by a combination of heat and pressure. Hot foil is the only true way of printing glossy gold or silver. This can’t be done with conventional inks because inks all dry matte. All colors are available.

Sheet sizes for Foil Die Stamping

We do print management for Foil Stamping in any sheet size up to 12 x 18 inch. However, there are some minor limitations on image area dimensions within a nominated sheet size. Please call us if your design area extends close to the edge of a sheet.

Foil Stamp Materials

We work with papers and paperboards which are commonly used in the USA. If you are considering using either lightweight, heavyweight or strongly textured materials, then please consult with us. We can help to ensure that the design you have chosen can be satisfactorily reproduced. We also can Foil Stamp on plastic materials such as PVC and polypropylene in thicknesses up to 1.4mm. If you are in the area, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, just stop by and show us the stock you would like to use.

Foil Stamping on Coatings

Most paper coatings are stampable including normal offset machine varnishes, gloss or matte plastic coatings and calendered surfaces. However, care is needed with UV inks and varnishes to ensure that they have been modified to make them foil stampable. It is recommended that your varnish or coating suppliers are made aware in advance that foil stamping or embossing is going to be applied to their products.

Foil Stamp Options

Besides commonly used bright golds and silvers there are many other foils available including a wide array of colors, special effects, diffractional and holographic patterned styles. Please ask us for a shade selector which you may use for reference purposes.

Free Foil Stamping NYC Consultation

As with most things, good initial preparation and planning usually yields the best end result. This is especially true with foil stamping and embossing. We strongly recommend close consultation with us, if not in the early stages of design, then certainly before film making and/or custom foil printing. Please use our expertise to your advantage.

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