We at Digital City Printing are known for our specialty raised ink printing in New York City. There are very few printers in NYC left who still offer Raised Ink Thermography printing. Thermography creates embossed effects for printing stationery, invitations, business and greeting cards and paper decoration. Special non-drying inks are used in printing, either by letterpress or offset, and the wet inks are dusted with powdered compound. After the excess powder on the non-printing areas is removed by suction, the sheet passes under a heater that fuses the ink and powdered compound. The printing swells or raises in relief to produce an engraved effect. Raised Ink printing is mostly known as Thermographic printing. People mostly confused the raised printing with Embossed or Engraved printing. But in reality it is completely different type of printing process when you compare them to the engraving or embossing where you need to make metal plates which then pressed from the back of the paper on letter press machine. Thermography is most cost effective alternative to Embossing and Engraving.

Raised Ink Printing

We can take care for all of your printing needs from thermography Business Cards , Stationery to Invitation printing using raised ink printing process. Our Raised print Business Cards offer a most unique way and it is a the best way to advertise yourself properly, products or services. The best facet about Raised Business Cards is the ability to easily share your contact information with anyone come across that may be future client or a business opportunity. Please consider the following materials when you printing your business literature:

There are many different looks and styles that are available now with the advancement of technology. This means the sky is the only limit on what you can put on own personal business cards. There are many possible aspects that can influence the entire printing system.

Raised printing system can highlight your area or section of work in a complete unique way. There are various possible ways, which you can go through for effective advertisement campaign. Over the last few years, there has been drastic change in acceptance of raised printing system. We have a well learned and experienced team, which will handle all your required work. Over the last few years, we have satisfied many potential clients.

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