Hardcover Book Printing

The production of hardcover books has been a staple in the publishing industry for centuries. In times of changing technologies and digital media, hardcover books remain a popular choice among readers and publishers alike. Their durability and longevity are unparalleled, making them ideal for long-term use. Hardcover book printing requires specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the printed materials will survive years of use and handling. Hardcover book printing requires special skills and equipment and years of experience. That’s why most of the printers does not offer to print hardcover books. We are one of the very few hardcover book printers in New York City offering rush turnaround.

The hardcover printing process is a complicated one that requires careful consultation, attention to detail and the expertise of an art director. From artwork design and set-up, to applying special finishes such as foil stamping or embossing, each step must be done correctly in order to produce the desired outcome.

Throughout the hardcover printing process, the art director or graphic designer will work with the client to ensure all design elements are properly incorporated into each piece. This can include images, text and any other specific details requested by the customer. Once finalized, professional printers will use high-end technologies such as digital offset printing or lithography to begin production of each book cover.

As a final step in this complex process, certain pieces may require additional special finishes like hot foil stamping or embossing for added texture and visual appeal.

When it comes to the types of hardcover options available on the market, there is no shortage of choices. Whether you’re looking for a full color printed book or something more traditional and timeless, there are several options to choose from. There are three types of Hardcover books are commonly found in the market. These are Full Color Printed, Faux / Leather Bound and Cloth Bound Hard Cover.

Full Color Printed Hardcover: Full Color printed hardcover is most common type of hardcover Bound book can be found in bookstore. These are relatively cost-effective and common type of hardcover binding for short-run book printing. In this binding method a full color printed sheet laminated and wrapped around the binding board.

Faux Leather Hardcover: One popular choice is leather hardcovers which offer a look that exudes sophistication and classic style. Leather books are also extremely durable and can last for decades with proper care. For those seeking an economical option, cloth bound hardcovers provide a great alternative with similar durability for less cost.

Cloth Bound or Fabric Hardcover: Cloth covers come in numerous styles and colors, so finding one that suits your preferences won’t be difficult. Ultimately, the decision depends on what look you’re going for as well as your budget constraints; luckily, there’s sure to be a type of hardcover out there just right for any project or preference!

With modern advances, they offer an unparalleled experience of quality and durability that can’t be found elsewhere. Beyond the structural benefits, hardcovers also afford readers a level of luxury that paperbacks simply can’t match.

The elegant texture of hardcover books is second-to-none, and their ability to be customized make them unique collectables. Whether you’re looking for something to display proudly on your shelf or give as a gift, it’s easy to find just the right colors and patterns with which to adorn your books. Using high-grade textured paper adds another layer of sophistication as well as superior durability compared to other formats.

Two common binding types for hardcover books are perfect bound and Smyth sewn.

Perfect bound books have glued spines, with the pages folded into sections and then glued to the spine of the book. This form of binding is relatively cost-effective and common type of hardcover binding method for short-run hardcover books.

Smyth sewn bindings use thread rather than glue to bind pages together using a pattern called ‘link stitching’ which connects each signature or section together at their fold line, as well as to the cover boards at either end of the spine.

When it comes to hardcover cost considerations, there are a few key factors to consider: quantity, size and material. For example, when ordering multiple volumes of the same book, it will usually cost less than ordering one or two copies. Additionally, the shape and size of the cover can also affect price – square covers and landscape books generally have higher costs than portrait ones.

Custom sizes can also divide prices; larger books tend to be more expensive. Furthermore, pages often have an impact too – a greater number of pages will increase costs due to production time and materials required for binding. For these reasons, it’s important to assess budget requirements while factoring in all possible hardcover cost considerations before finalizing any order.

Types of Hard Cover Books We Print

Short Run Digital Printed Hardcover book printing

This type of hardcover books we print Inside pages and cover both on HP Indigo press and hot-melt, unsewn perfect binding to the hardcover case. The hardcover wrap is printed and laminated with glossy or matte lamination. Then it turned edge wrapped to the 80pt binders board. If you are looking for a smaller quantity such as 10 to 500 and you need faster turnaround then you should proceed with this type of hardcover book printing. The maximum size for this type of hardcover book is 12″x 12″ and the smallest size is 4 x6. We can any custom size as long they are in between these two sizes. Turnaround is 1-5 business days depending on the quantity. Physical hard copy proof is available for this type of hard cover book printing. Just send your ready files and print hardcover book from pdf by us.

Short Run Digital Printed and Custom Hardcover wraps

For this type of case binding process, we only print inside pages on HP Indigo press but we do not print cover wrap. Instead, we use the wraps of bonded leather covers, cloth, soft touch materials to wrap the binders board. Once the binders board is wrapped with the material, we then foil stamping or deboss the cover to personalize. Once the case is made then we attach the inside pages using PUR binding or side sewing to the case. This type of case binding process takes longer than a digital printing case. The maximum size for this type of books can be 12″ x 17″ to 4″x6″, although the binding width can’t be longer than 12″. If you are looking to have high-end luxury hardcover book printing or leather bound book and you have enough time then you should consider this type of casebound book printing. The usual turnaround is 7-10 business days.

High Volume Offset – Get Hardcover Book Printed

The above two types of books are not cost-effective re-selling. If you are planning to sell your books and looking for book store quality book printing then you should consider this type of hardcover book printing. This type of hardback book is printed in high volume and the minimum quantity is at least 1000 or more. The cost per unit for these types of casebound books are much cheaper than short-run books. In this printing process, the inside pages are printed on an offset press and the front cover is also printed in offset printing press then laminated and wrapped around to the binders board. The inside pages are Smyth sewing signatures attached to the books using PUR binding. You can request additional services such as headband, rounded spine, flat spine, bookmarks, custom end-leaves paper, printed covers, etc. Turnaround for this type of hardcover bookbinding is usually 4-6 Weeks.

High Volume Offset Printed and Custom Hardcover wraps

This is the Luxury version of the hi-volume offset printed hardcover book printing. Using this method we print hard cover book as above in the offset press but the cover is not printed, the cover wrap can be customized with genuine leather, goatskin, cloth, canvas, rags and other hundreds of other types of wrap to choose from. This type of book offers unlimited customization, from paper stock, custom trim sizes, color or black and white printing or custom page count to headband, bookmarks, sleeves, dust jackets just to name a few. If you want to get hardcover book printed in the industry and you have time, budget and creativity then you should choose offset printed custom hardcover book.

All books are bound by semi-automatic machines with the adhesive applied by rollers. By double fanning the leaves the glue is absorbed at both the back of the hardback book block and, between the edge of each page. This can be combined with notching which allows yet more glue into the spine for greater strength. The spines remain flexible with great opening characteristics. Unsewn binding is the least expensive alternative to sewn bindings and our choice of spine preparations. Application of adhesives is an excellent choice when you need to trim production costs yet still want to retain good quality.

We specialize in wrap-around full-color printed work in custom hardcover book printing. We provide same-day or next-day book printing in smaller quantities. We produce rush orders for 10 books- to runs of 50 in 1-5 days turnaround depending on quantity or hi-volumes up to 10,000 custom smyth sewn case bound book. Our services are made available to individuals or businesses who are looking for hard cover case binding books.

Short run Hardcover Book Printing

Short run and self-publishing hardcover book printing is an ideal combination for first-time writers. This service allows you to test your book onto the market and identify supply and demand for your product without wasting inventory and money.

We offer hardback book printing at competitive prices, so it is affordable for you and your client. With extensive experience in the printing industry, Digital City Printing will create your book with the highest standards. We provide you with free proof before we complete your full order, so you can be sure you are receiving the best.

Hardcover Binding Book Design and Layout Services

We are one of the best of few hardcover book printing companies in NYC and also offer high quality layout and design services by our experienced team. We set up your manuscript into a professional format before printing leather-bound book. Our graphics team can also create book cover designs based on your ideas. We also print marketing collateral to promote your book including poster printing and flyers. You can call or email us anytime with your requirements, Our customer service team is always ready to help you, even they are available 24/7 to help you with the price calculator.

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