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Canvas prints, and printing service that speaks for itself!

Life is a collection of memories. And, we humans love capturing these memories forever into pictures. But given an opportunity, would you not like to convert that memory into a work of art?

This is exactly what we at Digital City Printing are here for. We help you convert your memories into work of art that’s going to stay with you forever. With our canvas printing services, we promise that your memories will never be the same!

What we offer?

When it comes to print canvas, there are quite a number of options for you to select from. Here is the long list of canvas displays that you can expect to get with us here at Digital City Printing –

  • Canvas standard wrap 0.75”
  • Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5”
  • Heavy White back Canvas up to 126”
  • Heavy Yellowback Canvas up to 126”
  • Artex soft Canvas up to 196”
  • Heavy ultra-cotton up to 196”

There is no dearth of options when it comes to getting you the most suitable print design that fits within your requirements.

Canvas printing has been the most primitive and common form of gallery printing that has been practiced for past quite some time. The beauty of canvas printing lies in the fact that these prints can last more than decades, without getting spoiled. Initially done on cotton, other materials like plastic and fibers have now become the preferred choice for canvas printing. Traditionally speaking, canvas printing has been classified into three groups –

  1. Stretched Edge canvas printing
  2. Mirror Stretch printing
  3. Multiple wraps

And, we are the prodigies that can help you with all that and more! With our state of the art canvas printing services, we help you to –

  • Turn memories into works of art

We live only once. And, in this one life, the only thing we gather worth cherishing is the memories. While capturing them in photographs is what humans have been doing for years now, why not transform those memories into a work of art? That’s precisely what our canvas printing services are dedicated to.

  • Decorate your home or office

Not only to give your memories a shape that’s more of artwork, but our canvas prints are also great for decorating your home, office or any other piece of property that you own. Choose a picture from printing store that you like, get in touch with us and we will convert it into a canvas print which you can use for any purpose that you might want to. These prints can serve as anything, from decorative items for home to wall displays and whatnot.

  • Showcase your love and happiness

Most important of all, these canvases can work as the perfect present for your loved ones. Gift them a custom canvas print for a special occasion and show them how much do they mean to you. Create those memories into something special that’s going to be with you forever!

What makes us the best in the business?

When it comes to large custom canvas prints, there are not many professionals that can match the expertise that we have at offer. Here is a look at some of the reasons that make us the standout name in the market –

  • Experience to back our expertise

We have a team of canvas designers, who have been working in the industry years. Whether you are simply looking to decorate your house with beautiful looking canvas prints or want these prints for any other purpose, we are here to help you with all that and lot more. If you are looking for an experienced canvas printing service provider, then you certain need not look beyond us!

  • Passion to bring a smile on your face

Printing is not something that we do just to earn money, but it is our passion here at Digital City Printing. We love what we do, and this is the reason we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our work brings a smile on your face at the end of it all. A long list of happy and satisfied customers is just a reflection that so far we have been able to achieve that throughout these years. And, we promise to continue working with the same zeal for years to come!

  • Affordable services that can fit within your pocket size

We offer affordable services. Compare our digital printing services to what you get in the market and you will get to know about it all. As a highly skilled and experienced printing service provider in the market, our services are utmost affordable and of world-class quality. Beautiful canvas prints, crafted with excellence and a personal touch to make sure that your memories become special just like the moments were when you clicked those memories!

Give us a call now!

If all that entices you and you want to create a canvas for your memories to convert them into a work of art, you must give us a call right now! And, we promise that you will not be disappointed.

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