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Give your brand a sophisticated visual makeover with custom plastic card printing solutions at Digital City Printing. Plastic cards are a fantastic way of giving a professional and refined look to your business cards, plastic hang tags, discount cards, plastic gift cards, plastic ID cards with magnetic stripes and various types of signs. Excellent-quality and resilient, plastic business cards can help build a powerful first impression that will last forever. As an integral component of branding and identity building, plastic cards can also be customized for use as customer loyalty cards, membership cards, shelf talkers, and gift cards.

  • 20PT and 30mil plastic card printing options
  • Custom printed plastic cards for small businesses
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes
  • We print with liquid ink and not toner
  • Rush printing service with next day delivery
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Plastic Business Cards to Create a Lasting Impression

Break the clichéd! End the monotony of dull paper business cards and create a lasting corporate image with plastic business cards. Plastic cards are a superb way to catch the attention of your prospects and business partners, building a high-impact impression. These look visually-appealing and ensure high levels of reliability, strength, and durability. Most importantly, these can be printed on premium-quality material with a superlative finish to make your business stand out in the clutter.

Trust us; plastic business cards printed by our professionals offer an aesthetic appeal and flair that will make it a tall stand in the competition. It will grab the interest of your business prospects amid all other business cards, persuading them to take positive action. Discussed here are the perks of our business card design and printing services in NYC:

  • Plastic die cut business cards available in custom sizes and shapes
  • Made from durable, long-lasting and water-resistant PVC plastic
  • Plastic business cards are slimmer than a credit card and have rounded corners
  • Available in White, Frosted, or Clear finish
  • High-quality, full-color printing available on a single side or both sides

Talk to our experts for innovative and best-in-class business card design and printing solutions.

Sophisticated and Effective Shelf Talker to Boost Sales 

In today’s cut-throat competition, how you present your brand matters most in shaping consumer buying decisions. And in a scenario where visibility is the key, shelf talker can serve as a powerful in-store marketing tool. In fact, beautifully-designed simple yet compelling shelf talkers are a fantastic way to emphasize your products and make them stand out among others. These are remarkably versatile and can be used to showcase various aspects of your products or brand.

However, a lot depends on the style, shape, and design of the shelf talker in impressing your consumers. Get your talkers printed at Digital City Printing and instantly catch the attention of shoppers. We are specialists in variable printing, offering solutions that are custom-made such as custom hardcover book printing to fit your unique requirements. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Premium-quality, full-color printing in vibrant hues or sophisticated tones
  • Plastic shelf talker printing that ensures high resilience and longevity, without causing any damage to the design and your message
  • Available in different varieties – simple, snap-in, sticky, snap-in flag, sticky flag, one-piece or two-piece wobblers

Whatever be the design, shape or size of your shelf-talkers, we can render marvelous printing quality that will exceed your expectations.

Custom Gift Cards to Help Promote Your Business and Generate More Revenues

Want to drive more business and increase your revenues? Gift cards are a fantastic way of boosting sales for your products and generating greater revenues. Wondering why you should invest in gift cards? According to studies, businesses of all sizes and complexity spend more than $100 billion annually on gift cards. Furthermore, prospects who receive gift cards are likely to spend 20% more than what the value of the gift card is. It is also a powerful brand identity tool. So, if your competitors are leveraging the marketing potential of custom gift cards, why would you stay behind?

Whether you want just a handful of gift cards or in millions, Digital City Printing can help you with professional and prompt printing services. We specialize in plastic gift cards because these are heavy-duty and aesthetically appealing, and can withstand rigorous use. Key features of our custom gift cards printing service are:

  • Die-cut gift cards available in a wide range of custom shapes
  • We can seamlessly integrate your existing business logo or design, or curate custom plastic gift cards that add a fresh look to your brand image
  • Full color, one-side or dual-side printing from liquid ink and not toner to render excellent print quality
  • Variable printing solutions tailor-made to meet your unique requirements

We are capable of printing a gamut of custom gift cards, including specialty cards, premium transparent plastic gift cards, spa gift cards, restaurant gift cards, retail e-gift cards, and much more. Order today and take your business to new heights of success.

Professional Plastic Playing Cards for Improved Gaming Experience 

Want to carve out a competitive edge in the gaming world with premium-quality plastic playing cards? Look no further than Digital City Printing for 100% plastic playing cards that ensure the highest standards of quality, smooth handling, and longevity. We use only the best-quality 13PT plastic with visually appealing and sharp color printing that can withstand rigorous handling.

The plastic playing cards we print are highly resistant to scratches, bends or creases, and are convenient to shuffle while enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  • Available in custom card sizes, ideal for all types of card games
  • Excellent-quality printing with rich colors to improve the look of the cards
  • Plastic cards are washable, rendering fresh new look for years to come
  • Playing card printing that is soft, light, and smooth
  • Printed on HP Indigo plastic card printer

One-of-a-kind plastic card printing is our specialty. Make a solid brand statement with premium-quality plastic cards that serve as effective marketing tools – the choices are endless.

Let’s get started to printing custom plastic cards for your varying business needs. Share your design idea with us or choose from our stunning templates to get new cards delivered at your doorstep.

Well, all you have to do is give us a call at (212) 244-1254 or you can visit our office at 250 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018. And, we promise to give you an answer to all your questions.

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