Digital City Printing offers professional envelope printing in New York City to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike. The goal of envelopes is to generate interest so recipients are more likely to open up the envelope to view its contents. Envelopes make a first impression when marketing materials, communications or invitations are mailed or distributed, and having a professionally printed envelope can help you make the right impression.


We offer digital envelope printing, as well as offset envelope printing, providing you with a number of options to consider. From standard one-color business envelopes in basic formats to completely customized full-color envelopes with complex designs, our custom-printed envelopes make it more likely that your printed materials will get noticed. Choose from a wide selection of envelope sizes, colors and paper stock options with four-color and Pantone® color printing available.

The beauty of digitally printed envelopes is that you are not constrained by minimum order amounts, so you can have as many or as few envelopes printed as you need. Our advanced digital technology also allows you to enjoy quick turnaround times, with rush, overnight and same-day envelope printing available.

For high-quality envelope printing in NYC, call Digital City Printing at 212-244-1254, contact us through our website or visit us at our midtown Manhattan location.



Full Service NYC Envelope Printer

At Digital City Printing, our experienced staff works with you every step of the way so you get high-quality envelopes you can be proud to distribute. Our graphic design team can help you through the design process and can provide recommendations on envelope size, color and stock options based on your requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality control and take that responsibility seriously from initial consultation through to delivery.

Specialty Envelope Printing in NYC

Our custom-printed envelopes can be coordinated with letterhead, stationary, invitations or marketing materials, helping you make an impressive statement no matter what you pair with your envelopes. Customized business envelopes can aid branding and advertising efforts and are essential to businesses in just about every field. In addition to sending correspondence, specialty business envelopes can be used to house brochures, catalogs, sell-sheets, invitations, press kits and a wide variety of informational and marketing collateral.

Envelope Print Options

When it comes to printing envelopes, you have many options to choose from. In addition to selecting envelope size, you can choose from a wide array of paper stock materials and colors. Envelopes can be printed using a 4-color (CMYK) process or Pantone® (PMS) colors and printing can be completed using the offset printing method or digital print equipment. Custom-designed envelopes can include logos, graphics and artwork catalog printing, as well as text, and can be printed on one or both sides.

Short Run Envelope Printing

There are many benefits to digitally-printed envelopes compared to conventionally-printed envelopes and the most appreciated one by customers is the fact that digital printing allows for cost-effective short-run envelope printing. Since there are no plates to make, and time and materials don’t need to be wasted while proper ink flow is ensured, small quantities of envelopes can be printed economically. In fact, with digital envelope printing, there is no requirement for high print volumes because every envelope can be fully customized using digital technology. This allows you to print as few or as many envelopes as needed at any given time and also provides you with the flexibility to modify envelopes as necessary.

Digital envelope printing also allows you to enjoy quick turnaround times, with overnight and same-day envelope printing available. Another benefit to digital printing is that the ink or toner does not absorb into the paper, as does conventional ink, but rather forms a layer on the surface. This means that the ink on envelopes will not bleed through onto the materials housed inside.

Most Popular Envelope Size Chart

NameEnvelope Size Insert SizeNameEnvelope SizeInsert SizeNameEnvelope SizeInsert Size
6-1/43.5 x 63.25 x 5.5734.75 x 6.54.5 x 616 x 95.75 x 8.75
6-3/43.625 x 6.53.5 x 6.25 4-1/25.5 x 7.55.25 x 71-3/46.5 x 9.56.25 x 9.25
8-5/83.625 x 8.6253.5 x 8.375 55.5 x 8.1255.25 x 7.62537 x 106.75 x 9.5
73.75 x 6.753.5 x 6.565.75 x 8.8755.5 x 8.37567.5 x 10.57.25 x 10
Monarch3.875 x 7.53.75 x 7.256-1/26 x 95.75 x 988.25 x 11.258 x 10.75
93.875 x 8.8753.75 x 8.6756-5/86 x 9.55.75 x 99-3/48.75 x 11.258.5 x 10.75
9 (Policy)4 x 93.75 x 8.56-3.46.5 x 9.56.25 x 910-1/29 x 128.75 x 11.5
104.125 x 9.54 x 9.257-1/47 x 106.75 x 9.514-1/410 x 159.75 x 14.5
DL4.313 x 8.6254.125 x 8.3757-1/27.5 x 10.57.25 x 10
114.5 x 10.3754.25 x 10.12598.75 x 11.58.5 x 11
124.75 x 114.5 x 10.759-1/29 x 128.75 x 11.5
145 x 11.54.75 x 11.25 109.5 x 12.6259.25 x 12.125
166 x 125.75 x 11.751310 x 13 9.75 x 12.5
NameEnvelope SizeInsert SizeNameEnvelope SizeInsert SizeNameEnvelope SizeInsert Size
A13.625 X 5.1253.475 X 4.8751 Bar3.625 x 5.1253.475 x 4.8756-1/43.5 x 63.35 x 5.75
A24.375 X 5.754.25 X 5.55 Bar4.125 x 5.54 x 5.25 6-1/23.5 x 6.253.25 x 6
A64.75 X 6.54.625 X 6.255-1/2 Bar4.375 x 5.754.25 x 5.5 6-3/43.625 x 6.53.375 x 6.25
A75.25 X 7.255 X 76 Bar4.75 x 6.54.625 x 6.25 93.875 x 8.8753.625 x 8.625
A85.5 X 8.1255.25 X 7.757 Bar5.25 x 7.255.125 x 7
A95.75 X 8.8755.5 X 8.6258 Bar5.5 x 8.1255.375 x 7.875
A106 X 9.55.875 X 9.259 Bar5.75 x 8.755.625 x 8.625
10 Bar6 x 9.55.875 x 9.25

Envelope Printing and Delivery Services in NYC

If you have your envelope design all set to go, you can simply send it to us online and we’ll print your envelopes according to your exact specifications. If you prefer, you can stop into our convenient midtown print shop for a consultation, design assistance or to proof your job. Completed envelopes can be picked up at your convenience or can be delivered right to your doorstop. We offer delivery throughout the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Neighborhoods serviced include the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Lincoln Square, Yorkville, Lenox Hill, Clinton, Theatre District, Hells’ Kitchen, Garment District, Chelsea, Midtown South, Kips Bay, Gramercy Park, Stuyvesant, Medial City, Tudor, Beekman, Sutton and Central Park areas, among others.

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For more information about our envelope printing services in New York City, call us at 212-244-1254, contact us through our website or visit our midtown Manhattan location.

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