Digital City Printing is a premier large format printer for Backlit Display Printing situated in New York City. We also provide same day backlit display printing services. Backlit banners are key to grab anyone`s attention. Regular graphics turn into spectacular rich bold colors making your sign “ POP”. These banners can be used all year round inside or outside due to their durability. Make the most out of you message and opt for a backlit banner.

Type of Backlit Materials:

  • Backlit film printing up to 80”
  • 18 oz Backlit vinyl banner up to 192”
  • Backlit self Adhesive Vinyl Translucent
  • Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker printing
  • Backlit paper for Bus shelter
  • Poly Poplin Backlit Fabric
  • PET Backlit

Nowadays the latest trend in the advertisement is backlit display Printing. When we all walk through commercial or public space like the mall, sports arena, airport and other places, anyone with good observation will be able to notice a Backlit fabric display. The high definition and vivid appearance gives this display a superior look.

Let’s look at some of its features;

A Backlit display provides anti glare and light diffusion properties.
In printing, dye-sublimation technology is used.
It is easy to assemble and transport from one place to another.
During display various lights can be used such as fluorescent, LED or natural. The most commonly used light for a backlit display is the LED lights.
Backlit display Printing are ideal for retail stores and trade shows. By adding lights you will be able to transform a standard display into a bright and attractive backdrop.
It helps to draw attention of potential customers.
A backlit display has a distinctive look.

Polyester fabric is used in a backlit display; the fabric is wrinkle free and produces beautiful colours with a lot of depth.

Backlit films are display signs that are lit from behind. Illumination brings out the colours and details on the display sign. It is used for numerous informational and advertising purposes. The backlit film printing makes dynamic displays. It is a popular way to display images, graphics and messages. These signs use a light box to illuminate special posters or film, making the display attractive and special. These are designed to showcase your idea, image or message, it is ideal for exhibitions, tradeshows and conventions.

Backlit Displays are perfect for long-term use, advertisement, menus, posters, window displays, for either indoor or outdoor, counter displays and tradeshows.

These displays are eye-catchy, made of lightweight materials, easy to remove, weatherproof, durable and suitable for different kind of solvent inks. It is designed to increase sales of your business. They can be produced for shops, clubs or restaurants.

You can make a difference with variety of complementary colors and the best images with your logo and company message.

We, at Digital City Printing print only on the best quality film, that you can illuminate. Our prints are stunning, vibrant; scratch-free, fade-free and water resistant. It can also withstand direct UV sunlight and remain bright and vivid.

Our backlit Display is a unique product that can be used day and night for advertising, the semi-translucent material allows light to pass through it. During the day, the backlit Display looks like any other full-color advertisement. At night, when the light is lit from behind, it turns into a stunning display that looks like a three-dimensional advertisement. If you have a store that is open all day long for 24 hours or if you want to keep advertising after closed hours, I think backlit film printing is what you need, it is the perfect tool for advertising in such cases.

These days backlit Displays have become an important part of today’s advertisement display. The number of these displays is gradually increasing, as it is a spectacular sign.

We, at Digital City Printing can print a truly inspiring and attractive sign. With the help of our team, you can add your own photo. The light source that illuminates the sign from behind, gives the image a sharper definition, making it suitable for dark or low light surroundings. We have a large number of options that will suit your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

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