Being in this ever-advanced digital era, you might be thinking about why are we talking about posters. Well, they are still a remarkably creative way to grab the attention of customers. A poster is a visual graphic, an image, colors and print matter combined in a visually appealing manner, placed strategically for the target customers. It is one of the effective ways to get your brand name imprinted on the minds of your customers.


Why choose Poster Printing?

It is the best marketing tool for a small business owner.  It can be used to inform customers about an event, create brand awareness or simply advertising about products and services. Here are some benefits:

  1. The versatility of shape and sizes: Posters can be printed in different shapes and sizes. From the small size of a 12” X 18” to as large as 48” X 72”, based on the business needs it can easily be made.
  2. The flexibility of distribution: Once you select the market or area for promoting your business by perfect binding Service you can stick it anywhere from streets, cafes, light posts, public bulletin boards bus stops, train stations, etc. Just make sure you don’t stick to any building, office or places which are legally not permitted.
  3. Long Shelf life: Posters can stay for a long duration of time, unlike newspapers which are forgotten in a day or online pop-up advertising which can be scrolled off. Depending upon the validity of the information on the poster it can stick for days or months and remain as a constant reminder in front of the eyes of customers.
  4. Easily Affordable:  In comparison to an advertisement in newspapers and magazines, posters have a high return on investment value. Since posters can stick around for a long time, there is no need to advertise again and again. Just get some hourly based street workers or part-time working students onetime and you can cover the select market or business area altogether.
  5. Speedy: Posters can promote your business creatively and quickly. With a 24-hour printing facility service (like us) just give the proposed matter and you will get quality printed posters ready to capture your selected market in no time. You can choose between digital or offset printing to get posters ready as per your need.
  6. Recurring advertising: It’s the best tool to capture captive audiences like those in a train, subway, bus stations or other public places. Posters will constantly catch their attention while they wait idly. This kind of recurring advertising will imprint your brand in their subconscious mind.
  7. Decision maker: People come across posters all the time. Those posters that are designed carefully and highlight the call to actions like “ call us now”, “ see it today,” can help people make decisions and convert them into customers.

If you want to get Poster printing services New York, just Google search with “poster printing near me” or “Same day poster Printing and you can find many companies providing Custom printing services. We at Digital City Printing, offer the finest poster printing services at affordable pricing. We do 24-hour printing so that you get the quickest turnaround time helping you to be the fastest in covering a selected market of your business interest.  We have a state-of-the-art printing facility for both digital and offset printing to give you a quality poster printing experience. 

Still, if you need assistance or more information on custom poster printing for publicizing your business, call us at 212-244-1254 or visit us in our midtown Manhattan printing location.