Have you ever seen a book or a business card that has a shiny effect and think “wow that looks fancy”, well this is known as “ Foil Stamping”.  Foil stamping has become increasingly popular as it highlights the area that you want to pop out at your audience.

Many companies have hugely benefited from foil stamping as it emphasizes their brand logo or message they are trying to get across. Foil stamping has a quality look and feel to it. Your market in turn will also perceive that your product or service is quality.

Foil stamping can be stamped on most papers and even some plastic materials; this allows you to choose from a diverse amount of options. There are also an array of colors to choose from as well as diffraction and holographic patterned styles.

If you would like to make your printed material stand out even more you can also combine your foil stamping with embossing. This is really impressive on any printed material. Using embossing with the foil stamping will give your highlighted image a three dimensional look.

The last thing to remember when choosing to foil stamp is to consult with your printer before you choose your material to make sure the stamping is compatible with the material you want.

Foil Stamping is definitely a great option when you are marketing your business, you will not regret it.

See below a list of options you can foil stamp on..:)

Business cards, folders, brochures, invitations, books, greeting cards or anything paper based can be foil stamped. The possibilities are endless, Call digital city today for a free consultation.