Your products are unique and there is nothing better than a catalog to showcase them and their USP. Businesses have used catalogs for years to market their products and services. There are studies that show how in comparison to other marketing tools, catalogs are retained by customers and not discarded. Catalogs usually are quite attractive and this along with the fact that most catalogs carry discount coupons is what makes the catalogs an object of value for customers and clients. Creating a catalog however can be a tedious process, there are lot of things you need to be sure of, the right paper stock, the most suitable font and crisp and colorful images that stand out. A catalog has to highlight your products in the right way. It has to have the right layout and a certain catch about it that instantly grabs the attention of customers. Choosing the right printer for printing your product catalogs can ease most of your burden.

A printing service with a vast experience in catalog printing understands your requirement well. They know the simple things that can create beautiful catalogs for you, like the various paper textures available and which font styles create which effect. They often offer graphic design services and even consult you on choosing the right layout for your catalogs. You could want a single page catalog or a multi-page one with saddle stich. You may want your catalog to be perfect bound, or ring binding to be used for it or you may want a hard cover bind. A reliable printing service has all this and more to offer. Experienced printing services know the fine nuances of printing a look book, pitch bookpresentation or line sheet, so irrespective of the industry you come from; printing quality catalogs becomes a dream with an experienced printer. Apart from the experience, some important aspects you need to consider while choosing a printer are:-

  1. Use of HP Indigo Technology – HP Indigo Technology is a cutting edge printing technique. This technique enables printing high quality prints in a very short period of time. The colors and quality that PMS spots and CMYK process deliver can be matched by HP Indigo technique. Short print time, enables faster creation and delivery of your catalogs.
  2. Free Proof – Several experienced catalog printing services guarantee free proofing for your orders. This saves your time and ensures you get an accurate and quality end product.
  3. Fast Turnaround – If your printing service uses digital printing techniques like HP Indigo, they are able to deliver your catalogs faster. Some such services offer the finished catalogs on the same day itself or by the next day once you approve the initial proof.
  4. Pick Up and Delivery – When you choose a printer for getting your catalogs printing, make sure you choose one that offers pick-up and delivery to your area. This saves your time and effort tremendously.

With these points in mind, you can choose a trustworthy and experience printing service for your catalogs.