Book printing in NYC? If we need information today, we can get it at a single press of a button but books are much more than just a means to get information. They have the power to shape our personality, inspire us, and change us from inside.  

In this digital era, we get overloaded with information from television, the internet, WhatsApp, emails, and even from ebooks. Our mental space is getting jammed and we are unable to get retainable knowledge. Whereas books, on the other hand, have always been the seed of knowledge and wisdom for creative and innovative minds.

According to the Association of American Publishers’ annual report in 2019 –  all formats of perfect binding books published made almost $26 billion in revenue last year in the U.S., wherein, the printed books made up to $ 22.6 billion and e-books – $2.04 billion. These included all kinds of books – trade, educational, fiction, etc.  Hence, it is clear that book printing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

If you are still thinking otherwise, here are some of the reasons why book printing is still relevant-

  • Books connect to our senses. The smell of the pages, the texture of paper, the color of illustrations, the designs of a book cover – each element can leave an imprint on our memory forever. Together they form an emotional bond with us.
  • Books are treated as collectibles. They are like assets passed on from one generation to another. People love to display books, as they signify the readers’ personality, intellect, and interest level.
  • Books are highly engaging and easy on the eyes too. Those who desire to escape the eye-straining, blue screen and are looking for less distraction, books are the ideal company for them. 
  • Books don’t need to depend on a battery to power it. They have the power of their own to impact us at the subconscious level. They shape our reading habits. They bring positivity, give inner strength, and boosts productivity.

Research has found that millennials, who are believed to be addicted to the digital version, are reading print books. 80% of people in the age group of 18 to 29 years have read a book in recent years, compared to 67% of people in the older generation(1). According to Nielsen Book International, book printing in genres like nature, cookery, and children’s’ books are preferred more by people than their digital version. 

Basically, you need to understand the three criteria that influence book printing. They are –  the target audience, for whom the book is written, the content of the book, and the purpose of the book printing. As an author, you need to understand how they together define the market and create demand for your yearbook printing. One such successful example is J.K Rowlings’, “Harry Potter” book collection, which sold 500 million copies worldwide.  

As an author, it is also important that you must have a quality printing partner, to take care of all your printing needs. 

Why Choose DigitalCity Marketing?

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No matter how much technology advances, the ability of books to take us into a magical world, fueling our imaginative skills cannot be denied. The core of the book industry is strong and people will always have the need for knowledge.

So, if you have a print-ready file for your book, just send us online and we’ll print it, as per your given specifications. We also offer shipping service anywhere you need in the US and we assure you to deliver it right at your doorstep.

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